heifers 3, bulls 1

A super quick post tonight… Meet calf #1001 – heifer calf born yesterday to Gracie CJ. This is her first calf.

And meet calf #1002 – heifer calf born late this morning to Sara Jane, our oldest cow, and one of the original 5 cows we first purchased. Not very clear pictures, they were taken late and the sun had just set.

Sara (the cow) has a dirty face. All the cows have dirty faces. Today we had some much needed and prayed for rain. We are supposed to have rain showers tonight and tomorrow. The fields are breathing a sigh of relief. So is my car… it is getting a much needed wash from all the dust and dirt.

It has been a very dry Spring. Thank you God for the rain! And the little calves!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “heifers 3, bulls 1

  1. Wow! So exciting to see all these babies! Congrats to you and your family, Karen. Thanks for the blogs. I share them with a lot of people!
    Bev Wilson

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