Latest happenings on the ranch

  • memorial day 2023
    Image(s) courtesy VintageHolidayCrafts.com Until next time…~hobo
  • signs of ‘spring’???
    You know, I started to write this post over a month ago. And I honestly believed that spring was around the corner. There were several signs. Yeah, I know… some time before this post I showed you a video of poor Mittens the barn cat in a terrible blizzard. At least he thought it wasContinue reading “signs of ‘spring’???”
  • hrumpf!!!
    Mittens is not amused…. Until next time…. ~hobo

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2 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thank you and welcome along. Yes, all the cattle stay out in the snow. They have some sheltered areas to hide if it gets windy but overall they do fine. They’re Herefords. They have a thicker hide and they’ve all put on a good coat of hair by now. They are the breed that built the West… and the calves are darn cute, too! 😉


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