Latest happenings on the ranch

  • flashback….branding 2022
    Guess what we did over the summer? No, we didn’t go on vacation but it was pretty close. Over the course of one weekend, besides complaining commenting about the heat and smokey air we did our annual branding for the 2022 calves. Our way of branding is not like what you see in Hollywood westernContinue reading “flashback….branding 2022”
  • you know its been hot when…
    Silly cows. No wonder the beer fridge is always empty. Until next time~hobo
  • thank you
    … to those farmers who sacrificed their second cutting of hay to the rain gods. The offering was accepted and about a tenth of rain fell from the sky. Enough to make windshields a dirty mess but it did settle the dust a bit. Even the critters seemed content. Until next time…~hobo

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2 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thank you and welcome along. Yes, all the cattle stay out in the snow. They have some sheltered areas to hide if it gets windy but overall they do fine. They’re Herefords. They have a thicker hide and they’ve all put on a good coat of hair by now. They are the breed that built the West… and the calves are darn cute, too! 😉


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