heifers 1 – bulls 1

The heifer yearlings have been hanging out at the water cooler and spreading the latest gossip. What’s new? Have you heard? Shacalf…… Mama Shaw…… <whisper… whisper… whisper…>

The experienced cows and first time calvers mostly hung out in the bull cave giving The bull cave is nothing but a bunch of hawthorns that the bulls would hang out in during the heat of the day but only the ladies have access this field for now.

Calf #2, born around 1PM today, April 22, 2021. The mama cow in the picture posted in the previous post that was pawing at the ground, throwing dirt up into the air, had her calf this afternoon. When all the ladies came in this morning for feeding she still was acting a little off, wasn’t interested in feed and soon separated herself from the rest of the herd.

Mama Shaw wandered out the gate into the field, walked back and forth, sat down then got up, grazed a bit, moved about, bent tail, swishy tail, more movement from one spot to another and after a few hours eventually found the right place and time to have her calf.

He was weighed, tagged and given a little squirt of probios and vitamins but only after he had some time with his dam. Enough time for mom to clean off the goop, dry him off, allow him to get up and to nurse… and maybe even a bit of a nap in the warm sunshine. A breezy day but it was nice in the sunshine.

For now the score is tied. There are several ladies showing signs of dropping a calf so we’ll be busy keeping up with them over the next several days. Big Ben was a very proficient herd sire. We miss him.

Welcome #110 to the herd!

Until next time…. which may be sooner, than later!

bagging up…. Sara is our oldest cow in the herd

2 thoughts on “heifers 1 – bulls 1

    1. Last year was 10 heifers – 13 bulls. The first year we had all heifers (4). I’ll have to go back over the past few years and see how it has panned out… now I’m curious.


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