heifer 6 – bulls 1

Soon after last nights’ posting another cow had her calf. When we left her last night there was a set of little hooves starting to show. She had her calf up on a hill. Maybe she could see the house better. But by this evening she had brought her calf down with the rest of the herd. Usually they seem to take about 3 days of bonding before they join the others but I guess she had decided all was good and that being a mountain cow was something that only the goats should do. And the grass is way better below. Welcome #1003! (oops… the low-budget photographer failed on photos of #1003. That will be remedied).

UPDATE 4/26/21: Her picture is now below and the photographer has been replaced for today! πŸ˜‰

Now, our next cow cheated to increase the score. She had twin heifers late this afternoon. Eva’s a little skittish – you can get close to her but don’t touch, or even think that you are going to touch her (she is a mind reader and knows if you are thinking such an evil thought) – so it will be interesting to see if we will be able to capture her calves to get them tagged and weighed. I’m going to put on my running shoes instead of my rubber boots .

Welcome #1004 AND #1005!

We had rain on and off all day. Even the mountains received a dusting of snow. What a blessing. And there’s still a few more ladies that look like they are about to pop!

Until next time…

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