have you hugged your cow today?

CJ & Mr H

Okay, so our cows and bulls get a little special attention, like Fritter in the previous. But did you know that it is therapeutic? Did you know that hugging cows can relieve stress? Don’t laugh… I know you’re laughing…

Seriously, there are experts that say that hugging a cow can bring wellness to your soul and bring peace. It’s a new wellness fad regime according to some.




pushing the little escapees back to the holding pen

But, then I’m a little skeptic since I’m sure that these people have never really been around cattle in other circumstances. Like, in a working environment. I’m sure they have never been awaken to those 4 little words that make you catch your breath… like “the cows are out”. Or have ever gone through activities such as pre-breeding or branding where about 800-different things are ‘coordinated’ at the same time and the rascally calves show you how easy it is for them to squeeze through the smallest opening they can possibly find. I’m sorry that there are not many pictures or videos of these times to demonstrate how these activities go. It is hard to run with a camera in hand, not to mention a few words that sometimes get spoken that are unfit for the gentler crowd. šŸ˜‰

But I must admit there is a kind of therapeutic effect to just hang out with them out in the field. Or to just sit back and watch them mow the grass. Most of our cattle are pretty easy going and don’t mind your company.

CJ & Kirsten

Sure, we have a few suspicious types that are absolutely positively sure that you being there is some sort of trap or, as in the case of calves, they are sure you’re going to do the dastardly deed of <gasp> touching them or worse, chase them. Then off they frolic…in a gang… across the paddock, taking the entire herd with them.

Betty enjoying a scratch on the neck while the girls wait in line

But some of them want you just give them a rub-down with the curry comb or a little treat of an alfalfa cube. You know, that nice human that you are. Or a scratch on the ear, back or brisket. Get too rough scratching along their the back, or they’re just plain done with you, you may get a whack in the head with a well-place switch of the tail (right, Betty?)

Young Cousin It and her favorite human
loving up the calfling

But enjoy their company and relax in the outdoors when you can.

Until next time…


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