an unexpected gift

We got a phone call our local cattlemen’s group, the Weiser River Cattlemen’s Association, about a week ago. A donation of fencing, feed and supplements were coming for the local farmers and ranchers who were affected by the Woodhead Fire. They told us to bring the flatbed trailer. It was going to be loaded up.

Performix Nutrition Systems, Agribeef and the Idaho Cattlemen’s Association was our donor who supplied just that. Yesterday a motley bunch of us met at the fairgrounds and the goodies were divided up. What a surprised blessing to arise out of the ashes!

We met some really nice people from Performix and a huge THANK YOU to all involved for your generous donations. I’m sorry, I don’t remember all your names except for Marty Gill who was the lead on it. But you all played an important part! And thank you just doesn’t seem like it is enough and we all greatly appreciate your support. AND thank you to Weiser River Cattlemen’s Association for coordinating it, too! You all made it into an early Christmas!

the boys approve

Blessings to you & yours! And thank you again!

Until next time…


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