I’m tired of smoke & ash…. so how ’bout a little diversion from it all

Feisty Fritter 3F

We are selling bulls. The fire burning the majority of our forage and pastures has made stocking capacity a lot smaller for us and now we have to feed the livestock months before we normally would feed them. The cows have been bred and still have calves on them, so the bulls have to go. We have yearlings, 2 yr olds and one 3 yr old. We lost our herd sire a few weeks into breeding season this year due to injury (he broke his ‘equipment’). His full brother and one of his sons took over the task. But we still have too many bulls – not all of them are needed for our breeding program. They are unemployed and need to go to work.

But selling any kind of livestock – especially bulls – cause potential buyers concern about docility and temperament. Our cattle are docile and good tempered. They are registered polled Herefords. Herefords are designed to eat grass and forage. They do not need special diets or fancy feed mixes – they get fat on grass. Marginal grass, at that. I’m not just bragging them up, but they are also docile and good tempered. We interact with them and treat them with respect. Any critter that weighs about the same as a car is dangerous, even if they are ‘nice & friendly’ can hurt you. You still can get squished. And if any of them would show undesirable behaviors or traits, such as aggression, fence jumping, nasty behavior, pushy, flighty, etc… well, they will be sent off to be the guest of honor at someone’s dinner table. But some are going to be sent off to the abattoir because we haven’t been able to sell them. It’s always hard to get started in marketing your product.

Enjoy the video distraction of the day – AND please don’t try this at home – this is for your entertainment only! We know our livestock and it is at our own risk. This video is only to demonstrate the type of livestock we raise on our ranch. And Feisty Fritter 3F (he’s the bull… not the handler) is for sale 😉 His half brothers appear to be a little embarrassed by his behavior.

Until next time…


ps (shameless plug) 😉 … if your interested in our livestock, or just plain nosy, venture over to http://www.hoodranchlivestock.com/

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