urgent, urgent…emergency…

Yesterday we received the most urgent message ever received to date….brace yourselves…. I know, it’s horrible and if you are the faint of heart, please turn away…. just fair warning. Oh, and please, don’t let this happen to you… I was so careless…

Are you ready? My auto warranty has expired! What am I to do?! This is horrible! The voice sounded so calm while this dreadful message was being left. But the worst part about it was that he DID NOT LEAVE A CONTACT NUMBER! The message was interrupted – it’s like a cliff hanger on a tv series. Now I’m going to have to wait until they call again. No name behind the voice, no number. Oh, the suspense…. it’s going to be sleepless nights from here on out. Why, oh why, did the warranty have to expire?

Sorry, just suffering from a little cabin fever…. and writer’s block. Aren’t you tired of these telescammers? Interrupted a perfectly good nap… Enjoy your evening & sleep tight!

Until next time

5 thoughts on “urgent, urgent…emergency…

  1. Well I got a call from same person. I never had an auto warranty but he said it was about to expire. Looks like you should renew since your car looks like it needs a little work! Tee hee!

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    1. The old hobo van is 22 years young. I have no desire for fancy dashboards with all the lights and cameras…. heated seats and a remote start, well, now that might be a selling point! lol! Good luck to the scammers…


  2. Oh Dear Lord, What can you do. However by the looks of your vehicle the warranty was not working very well before it expired. May the force be with you dear girl.


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