Mittens when he was a ‘kitten’

Mittens…. he’s one of several barn cats that patrol the compound and keep the rodent population in check. We love all our barn cats but he is a little more …. well, he’s quite the character and has a few nicknames. He gets called a ‘land slug’ in the wintertime (because you can’t see his legs in the snow… he just appears to glide along with his tail outstretched in dramatic fashion), or ‘Mittens the Menace’ when he is pestering the other cats, especially Opal just to make her snarl and growl.

Maple, Mittens, Patchy

He also gets called ‘squirrel’ – like in ‘tree squirrel’. He seems to have a passion for climbing…stuff like trees – big trees, small trees – wooden fences, rails in the barn, your leg…. he just likes to climb. Sometimes he is after a bird, wants your attention or, well, who knows with Mittens.

‘Where’s the hummingbirds? Yeah, it is only the middle of February, but I know they should be here by now.’

We also discovered that he is a very environmentally sensitive feline who knows the power of renewable energy, such as solar. Who knew he was rechargeable?

And we also have a condition that occasionally occurs known as ‘Death by Mittens’. It happens when you’re carrying something delicate such as a box of firewood. He magically appears out of thin air, entwines himself about your legs and gravity takes hold . But it’s okay, he always makes sure you are still in one piece from your unfortunate mishap.

Oh, Mittens….

Until next time

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