Excuse me….. but what is that??

I’m not sure that I really know or remember what this stuff is. The temperature outside isn’t above 90F and the smoke has somewhat disappeared for the time being, but you can’t see the sun… or the mountains.

15 minutes later

The air feels damp and muggy. And there’s a certain smell to the air. No, it’s not barnyard! Good grief, I’m telling a story here…. Oh, wait… now I vaguely remember. Maybe it’s from my ‘youth’? ….not that I remember my youth, after all it has been a very long time…. sorry, I digress… you’re interrupting again… now what? Pardon me, I didn’t hear what you said. Speak up, please. What did you say? I can’t hear you over that noise. It’s what? Rain? What’s rain? Water that falls from the clouds in the sky? Really? What a concept!

Rain…Oh, that kind of rain! Woot!!

The last time we saw rain… well, it’s been several months of any type of moisture that would fall from the sky that wouldn’t make a mess of your windshield as the few drops mixed with the ash and dust that coated the surface of your car or just about anything.

soggy feeding time

Blessed rain! The guessers are saying it may happen all day long and possibly over night, with threats of flash flooding. It can make chore time a little interesting and the animals may not be all that thrilled with the rainfall, but we’ll take it! It is very much needed and very much appreciated. We are very, very thankful and grateful that we are being blessed by the rain.

=February 2021

And you know it has been a long hot summer when you start wishing for … uh, well, maybe not quite yet… but it will be here soon enough.

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Excuse me….. but what is that??

  1. We have been praying for your to get some rain. Guess it is working. About time. But then GOD has really been busy trying to get us our of the pickle we seem to find ourselves in these days. YOU Miss Karen should write a book ….you really have a way with words, pictures and keeping us reading. Totally enjoy your blog.


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