heifers vs bulls updates

A long time in the making of an update so here we go. We are now at heifers 15 – bulls 12. We were at 16 heifers but sadly we lost heifer #1011. She was born May 6th and she died a few days later. We really don’t know why. She stopped nursing, became weak and though we did what we could she still passed away in our arms. Lots of scenarios run through your head as to what may have happened – was it a failure to thrive, was there an injury, could we have done something else, did we really do all that we could? And despite everything, the end result may not change. A game of ‘what if….’ goes through your mind over the days that follow the events. It is never easy. But despite losing heifer #1011, here’s the latest recap of calving season to date. (I’m missing a few photos of calves but will resolve that asap.)

Morning of 5/3 – #1009 heifer calf born to Fannie Dottie. So far there seemed to have been a theme of calving on the side of the hill… in the ashes…

Afternoon of 5/3 – #116 bull calf born to Duchess Sara.

Morning of 5/4 Desi Bea had a heifer calf #1010.

Then 5/6 Dakota Bonnie had a bull calf #117… (picture coming soon)

5/7 Bonnie Yana (Dakota’s mom) had a bull calf, too. Meet #118. Last year Bonnie & Dakota had heifer calves born the same day, nearly the same time and in the same area.

Then later in the day, Dottie Betty had heifer calf #1011 (whom we lost a few days after she was born)

…followed by Fallon CJ with another bull calf #119

5/8 Emma Alice had a bull calf #120.

Finley Alice had a heifer calf #1012 on 5/11… (picture coming soon)

5/14 Garnet Bea had a little heifer calf #1013.

….five days later on the 19th Gladys Betty came in with another heifer #1014

5/28 Flan had a bull calf #121…(picture coming soon)

And then June 1st, Georgia Dakota had heifer calf# 1015 in the early morning hours..

There are four girls remaining who are either really super late or are not pregnant at all. We’ll know soon, time will tell by the end of the month and then the ‘calving season’ will officially be over. But for now it’s breeding season for the cow mamas.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “heifers vs bulls updates

    1. The bigger outfits have way more and I’m glad we’re fairly small! The herd is growing and seems pretty average heifers v bulls numbers. But there is a change in the wind, so to speak…


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