Yesterday morning was around 11F. Last night it dropped down to 8F but has at least warmed to around 10F this morning before I went to work. The inversion is back and keeping the fog down low. Clear and cold isn’t bad since the sun will warm things up but the fog makes it feel colder. And it sometimes brings its ol’ buddy hoarfrost along. Anything that is outside has hoarfrost stuck on it in some way, shape and form. Yesterday we had about 40 minutes of sunshine once the fog burned off.

fog hanging in the canyon pass late afternoon

The weather patterns are proudly proclaiming that, yes, we are getting closer to January. Seems like the first few weeks of January are cold, foggy and icy. A few weeks…. thankfully not a few months, but I’ll gripe about it anyways until the Month of Mud arrives and I’ll have another weather-related annoyance to complain about 😉

When it is this cold our chores take a little longer to complete. Hands and toes get cold pretty quick so a quick warm up in the house is in order. But they will get done. The other challenge is for water since it will freeze so water has to be checked throughout the day for the smaller animals who get buckets. Even though they’ll eat snow, they still like some fresh water.

refilling the stocktank in the morning

The sunshine eventually burned through again for a bit and everyone enjoyed it while it lasted. Even if it was still pretty cold.

L the sheep

But the sunshine soon fades behind the fog and it will all begin over again.

Until next time…

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